Easy and safe use of nanoparticles for functionalization of polymers.Improved UV-resistance of polymer based materials.

  • Easy and safe use of nanoparticles for functionalization of polymers.
  • Improved UV-resistance of polymer based materials.

The combination in the range of nanoscale inorganic nanoparticles in polymer matrices has a potential application that attracts the attention of researchers and enables companies to produce materials with new properties. The nanocomposites based on polymeric materials with nanoparticles have synergies that allow obtaining products with differentiated properties in terms of mechanical, electrical, magnetic, thermochemical or biological response among others.

The nanocomposites production processes require marterbach use that are produced in critical conditions and limited the versatility of polymer compositions. Thus the polymer industry continues to seek solutions based in simple processes to fill both thermoplastic and thermosetting processing specifications. Moreover, the incorporation of inorganic nanoparticles into nanocomposites present a challenge related the nanoparticles handling and potential toxicity.

ADParticles patented solution facilitates the incorporation of nanoparticles as usual fillers breaking new ground for the combined use of functionality on a single filler. ADParticles products allow safe and effective use of the nano-solutions. The first product developed is a solution for improving the resistance to UV radiation that can be combined with a bactericidal solution and wear resistance solutions.